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Nina Dobrev Chocolate Brown Hair Color?

So I have spent (I only wish I were kidding) the last four nights, staying up effing late as all hell, just to do research on different hair color brands and their correlating swatches JUST to make some progress to Nina Dobrev (aka Elena Gilbert / Katherine Pierce) hair color.Who can honestly resist that beautiful deep chocolate brown hair with very subtle caramel sun-kissed highlights? I sure as hell wasn’t able to, hence my late night research and reduced down to a pale chocolate tressed girl with her can of Diet Coke on the side. ;) 

So now, down to the nitty-gritty; 

The Photo:


And the formula (I am a Koleston girl by heart).

Base Color:

Koleston 4/07, 2 oz. + 6% Koleston Perfect developer (Processing time varies, make sure you check your hair every 5-20 minutes for processing. It should be a dark brown but NOT black. Remember that since it is wet, it will look darker.)

Highlights/Accent color:

Koleston 7/03 2 oz + 6% Koleston Perfect developer (Processing time varies, I would say no more than 20 minutes on that, but just make sure that it has lifted enough.)


If you look carefully at the photograph provided, Nina’s hair is a level 4 brown. Some classify this color as dark brown, some classify it as medium brown. Obviously this is a pretty dark brown. If you are cool toned and fair, this color might wash you out. This color would be absolutely perfect on people that have a warm skin tone, and/or an olive complexion. The reason why you would want to add in the accent/highlight color is the dark brown might be too solid of a color for most, and the highlight color will break up all that dark brown, giving it a halo of caramel goodness at just where the light would hit. 

I would do the highlights via foil application. The thing you are going to need to perform this application would be:

  • Tint Bowl
  • Tint Brush
  • Gloves
  • Hair Clips
  • Foils (pre-cut or cut them yourself)
  • The hair color mentioned
  • A good conditioner

An amazing conditioner that I would recommend, though it is fairly pricey, would be the Unite Smoothing Hair Treatment. This particular product replaces their Unite Softa treatment, which was absolutely fabulous. 100% Vegan, no sulfates, and has just the right amount of conditioning without weighing your hair down. 

Good luck guys! If you have any questions, just let me know.


So I am sitting here, with absolutely no inspiration to write. It’s 2:00 in the morning, and I am going to lose sleep because I decided to stay up writing, instead of actually catching some sleep– what I should be doing, since we are due home in the next week. But I find it very hard to concentrate on anything right now. It’s hard because I am about to move into Jon’s parents house, and actually live with people that I don’t even know. I am pretty sure his mom doesn’t like me very much, because I told her I would watch his phone, and make sure it’s on. But I am not always responsible for him. I know they worry about him being all the way out in California,  but the last time I checked, we are about to be 30 years old– and that means a little word called Grown Ups. Mommy can’t be watching his every move, and she needs to get over the fact that yes, I am taking her baby away from her. God, I sound like such a bitch, but it’s true. My Mom doesn’t even call to check on me. She let’s me be. And honestly.. I don’t know what is worse. Having a parent that is overbearing, or having a parent who doesn’t give a damn, LOL. But it’s whatever.

I just hope she isn’t expecting grandchildren out of the equation like.. ever. Because I don’t want children. Ever. It’s not even a concept I am willing to ponder on. Nope. I love children, and will play with them all day. I have nieces and nephews. But at the end of the day, they go home with mom and dad, and are no longer my responsibility. But am I responsible? I can be, when I put forth an effort. And I am not going to lie; lately I don’t want to exert any more effort than feeding my boyfriend. The only thing he does is carry his dirty plates to the sink for me to put in the dishwasher. Is that bad of me? Probably. But I SERIOUSLY didn’t realize that boyfriends could be THAT lazy, and get away with it. I mean, really? I might not be Miss 50s Housewife, but the house IS clean. It is ALL clean except the office– or I shall be so inclined to call it “Jon’s Dirt Pile”, because no sane, sanitary person would be caught DEAD in that room. It’s pretty bad. I wonder if we left it that way to go on vacation and come back, if there would be smells coming out of it or things growing in it. God, I would refrain to even think of it coming down to that. Good thing we are leaving California in a couple weeks, yeah? ;)

Oh My Heavenly Heels…

Okay, I will admit it. Next to Christian Louboutin, Brian Atwood, and Sergio Rossi, I have lusted over more than one pair of Michael Kors shoes. Let’s see here.. There is the Michael Kors Tracy ankle-strap sandal (the phrase Mary Jane is so 70s.. or for pot smokers). Then of course there is the Michael Kors Leonia platform zip-back sandal. These are so gorgeous. I will show you pictures of these gorgeous beauties.

And of course I can’t resist in sharing a beautiful picture of Katherine wearing them…

Now, on to Michael Kors Leonia.

Now, let’s get to it, shall we? The whole reason I brought you here of course was the beauties that I found straight from the Saks website themselves. Oh, they are delicious, and so ready to be paired with my Guess skinny jeans and a fitted leather jacket for the exquisite fall season that Alabama is to have in store for a slave to fashion as I am. And when I say slave, I truly do mean I think I would do anything to see these on my feet. Which wouldn’t take much, since my debit card is a slip of a wallet away…

And without further adieu..

These are a shoe-lovers wet dream, especially with the autumn season approaching as of tomorrow. I can’t wait for Fall, I can’t wait to see all the beautiful things that Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf’s, and Nordstrom has to offer. To me, these are some of the most beautifulshoes I have ever seen. The delicious autumn colors, the way they look on a person, and the height is just right. Not too much, and not too little. Just right for a princess like me. :) This will be the last post for this evening, because I am actually getting quite tired, and have been fond of being in bed before 10pm.

Good night guys!


Moving Yet Again!

No, it isn’t what you think. The boyfriend and I are not on the outs, and we aren’t breaking up. Surprisingly after that little spat we kissed and made up over Skype, lol. We really haven’t fought since then, except for this morning when he was trying to give me the low-down on why I shouldn’t be taking Tylenol PMs when all I need to do is be able to sleep. Then he gave me a list of what I can take versus what I shouldn’t. Excuse me, but you aren’t my doctor. I am a big girl, I am over the age of eighteen years old. So give me a break, please. Thank you for your concern, but if I want to pop two Tylenol PMs a night so I can get a full NIGHTS rest instead of sleeping in the day, I will do it. So with that aside, we really haven’t fought at all.


Other than that, Jon is getting out of active duty, and is joining guard. He is still technically in the military, but not with all the craziness than active duty provides. We are moving to Birmingham, Alabama, a mere three hours from where my best friend and doctor-in-progress Jeffrey lives. Now there is one hell of a doctor. I can’t wait until he gets that satisfaction, because he has worked so damn hard for what he is determined to be. And to think, his own Mother just wanted him to concentrate on settling down and having kids. It really does pay to put your education first. And before you guys get all high and mighty on this Princess, no I am not putting down people that already have children. I love children. But I also love a top-notch education.

Aside from that, I too will be pursuing my degree once we get to Birmingham. I will be attending Alabama State, since we are basically going to be living in the city that it is located in. Why not go there? I was really going to try and get my butt over to Columbia or Yale, but I would never see Jon for one, and not only that, the tuition and boarding would be out of this world. Not that I wouldn’t be able to afford it on down the road, it’s just that this is the more feasible option provided. I can still study fashion design and broadcast journalism. I can do everything that I intended on doing in New York, but I will be doing the schooling section in Alabama. But once the internship starts, I am sorry my love. I will be going to New York. For however long it takes.


Oh that does bring me to a spat that he nearly provoked on me. My Lord was I pissed at him that day. I showed him a pair of 2400 Christian Louboutin ankle booties. Now granted, I don’t think I would even wear these. This is something you would honestly imagine Kim Kardashian wearing on one of her wilder moments. But what got Jon, what he truly could not understand was the price tag attached to them. He basically belittled Christian Louboutin himself. And I was like.

“Think this all you want, sweetheart. But he doesn’t have a problem making a couple thosand pairs, having them be sold out, and he makes his billions off of these shoes. He isn’t having switch job locations because he hates active duty. He is his own provider.”

So anyway, that didn’t fly over so well. And I basically told him thank you so much for your infinite support. I really thought you would be as supportive of me as I always am of you. And believe me, I have sat through the listening about his daily issues with work, and video games and servers and blah blah blah… stuff that really I have no true interest in. I mean if I was interested in that stuff at all (apart from his job), don’t you think I would have taken an active part in it by now? It isn’t like he is scouring the internet for my blog posts, and trying to coerce me into reading my novel. No, he never would. Because it truly just doesn’t interest him that much.

But fashion is a big part of who I am. I have just recently really gotten into this stuff, and I have to admit I am in love with the whole idea of it. Being about to be a fashion editor for me is pretty much a dream job. But I think it very well could be achievable. But I need his support, because if I don’t, then I will probably think he doesn’t want me to do it. And then I will get depressed and try to seek out more available options. And I don’t want to be her again. I don’t want to be the girl that bends to her man’s will just because he says so. I will never be that girl again. I WILL be me before I am known by “that guy’s girlfriend”. And yes, that might just put a delay in anything involving him putting that gorgeous Tiffany dazzler he was only so inclined to tell me about at the first of the year. But there has to be a reason he hasn’t proposed yet. And no, I am not going to sit here and dwell on it. I won’t, because I need to start putting things together for me. Not because I am trying to escape a mundane life. But so I can know for sure who I am, and who I want to be– for me.

Update On The Narcissist


I was ignored for two days. Two whole days. And when he came back on this morning, he sent me a Facebook message, continuing the fight. Yes, never interrupting, precisely where we left off. In fact, I will quote it:

“I flew that next day as a MPRS qua (don’t know what that is) l flight for another crew. I was working as crew transportation today, and I fly again tomorrow.

If you want to go around doing things you wouldn’t do with me now that I’m gone, fine. If you want to get a new list of things together that you now deem acceptable or unacceptable based on what your doing now without me, fine. If your going to tell me you didn’t do anything that you wouldn’t have done before I left now, because I didn’t force feed you shit you didn’t want to eat in the first place and make you like it, bite me.

I tried several times to get you to go out to a Chinese restaurant, and you declined. Don’t you dare tell me we didn’t do something because I didn’t ask you. Every time I do that I watch you pick two flecks of food off your plate and throw the rest away.”

So I am going to just put this out there for the world to see; my boyfriend can be a complete douche bag when he wants to be. He is a complete narcissist, and his ego is so enormously inflated, that only I could possibly love something like him. I know that I have pretty much cultivated this man into this person, but so does the fact that he is the first born male in such an… aristocratic-fed family. Trust me, it is not easy dating a Fleming. By the way, in between those quotations I had a lot of cross-editing to do. And I still probably didn’t get it right; might have implicated things more, haha. But that’s past the point.

It just shows how much of a narcissist he truly is. He has a huge sense of his own worth that is supposed to far-exceed that of anyone else around him. I still remember the day we were talking about colleges. How I should choose one near or “the” one that he would be choosing. Excuse me, but I am pretty sure I am my own person. Or did I get something wrong in all this?

My dream is to go to Columbia University, and pursue a degree in broadcast journalism, creative writing, and be an awesome fashion editor for a very high fashion magazine. Something like Vogue, W, or In Style. So I am so sorry that I don’t want to go to a technical school and learn how to build computers and networks from the ground up. If you want to do that for yourself, great. Just don’t expect me to follow in your shadow. My self-worth is just as important to me as yours is to you. I won’t be following in anyone’s dreams, no matter who they are. Boyfriend or not, I still have the right to choose my own path. You don’t, nor have you ever, nor will you ever, own me. I am my own person.

The last person that decided that he wanted to try and own me and make all the decisions in the relationship got left at the altar. I kid you not, I have been engaged twice, married once (which was the biggest mistake of my life, I kid you not), and I am not about to otherwise engage into that again, without being absolutely positive that is what I want. You know, I am beginning to realize that I don’t need a ring or a piece of paper to tell me I am happy. If I am happy, it is something that is felt, not shown. Your actions should make you happy, not one thing to define it.

So with that being said, I am going to close this rant once and for all (or at least you guys can all hope that that is the end of the rant). I want to be noticed for my contributions of the world, particularly in high fashion. One of my best friends will have a modeling career exclusively to the magazine that I take on. I am going to be a drop dead gorgeous high fashion magazine editor with a penchant for smirks, schemes, and Louboutin heels. And if there is a guy by my side, I will be taller than his shadow could ever provide me. Meaning– I stand in the light. Not the darkness.

Good luck with that.

Dear Boyfriend…

Dear Boyfriend,

I don’t know what crawled up your self-righteous ass and died, but I am growing quite sick of it. It seems like every mother-chucking time you go on deployment, you get this completely sour attitude, and life instantly becomes unbearable. Logging out during a Skype call– classy. Then coming back on, only to patronize me on my so-called behavior, and then log out once again? Fool me once… shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I am sick of feeling like I do things wrong all the time. If I can’t make you happy, then you need to find someone that DOES make you happy. We were all joking around, having a great time, until you get butt-hurt and log out on us. And for what? To ignore everyone until the end of the day (or the next day, given the time difference), only to tell me that the mean girl has returned?

Oh, but it didn’t stop there, now did it? No, I don’t think so. Then you scrutinize me for wanting to try new things. And doing them without you, nonetheless. I am so sorry that you are on deployment. Otherwise, of course I would be trying these new things with you. No kidding! I am sick and tired of being the source of your punches and free-throws. So the next time you want to tell me,

“That’s it. You are done. I will be logging out for the remainder of my days off. When I start flying again, we can talk.”

Excuse me, but what gave you the sudden right to treat me like that? Like I don’t even matter? Only a masochist could ever love an unforgiving narcissist like you. I must have been out of my mind to take you back after that stunt you pulled at the beginning of the year. I was out of my mind to think you could ever possibly change for the better. It appears that you have a hell of a lot of growing up to do. And I am none for the wiser.

As far as college goes, you will no longer be able to dictate where I will go. Now I believe this is what you had said to me:

“When I get out of the military, we need to find colleges to attend. But we can’t live on the coast, it is too expensive. I was considering going back to Texas, and am looking into College Station. Since you don’t want to move to Tennessee, much to my frustration, I suppose we will have to think of something else. I was wanting to get out of the military anyway, but how dare you go against my thoughts on accepting a military job without even once thinking about how you feel about it.”

Well, he hadn’t said it in so many words. But that was basically how he had lashed out at me. And I will be the first to admit, at one time I was willing to drop everything for him. Go anywhere and do anything to be with him. But perhaps I am changing– growing as my own person. Finally, a person that doesn’t want or need to live through another man intravenously. I want to stand up on my own to feet. I need to be me before I can be your girlfriend, and actually want to be her.

So without further adieu, I renounce the idea of being your live-in maid. You are going to have to learn to pick up after yourself once and for all. You are going to have to find your own way. And if I have the courage to hand in my formal resignation, consider this final.

I don’t need another abusive, controlling bastard to ruin my life.

One pissed off girlfriend.


What A Dress!

What A Dress!

While I’m at it, I just had to show a picture of this dress. Don’t know where I will be wearing it, but I know I will be getting it. This is gorgeous, and so me. Perhaps when the boyfriend proposes. Perhaps we can go to that restaurant I told him about, and I will get to be pretty for an evening. Who the hell am I kidding, I am freaking gorgeous all the time. :) I normally wouldn’t agree with my fiance-to-be, but if you are told this enough, it has to be true. <3


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